I need estimates so I can put a budget together for my investor. How much will this cost?

It’s hard to say because each brand is so different. However, for a 10-piece, high-end Womenswear collection, we recommend having at least $100K to $150K+ liquid to cover our management costs as well as cost of goods sold (COGS).

Is there a monthly or yearly fee?

We work off of annual Agreements which translate into monthly retainers. All of this will be detailed in your particular project Scope of Work proposal once we reach that stage. For those who are a bit gun shy, another option would be to work à la carte on an hourly, billable structure.

What are your payment options? Cash, credit, check, Net 30, or Net 60?

For our consulting services, we accept wire transfer, check or credit card. Payment is due on the date stipulated in our Agreement which is typically the first of the month. For supply chain COGS (fabric, trim, samples, production, patterns, etc.), C.O.D. is required for all transactions at the time the purchase order is issued. After one year of working together, some suppliers will consider offering Net terms.

What is the price range to create a pattern and a sample?

This is a tough question as it all depends on the style. Generally speaking, pattern costs range from $150 for a basic women’s button down blouse to more than $1000 for a highly intricate cocktail dress or men’s tailored blazer. Sample costs for the same items may range from $250 and up, again depending on the style.

Do you offer general consultation prior to signing an Agreement?

We offer a complimentary 30-minute introductory consultation, however, if your needs require additional support and oversight during the discovery phase, we will bill out at standard industry rates.

How do you scale your projects?

Depending on length and scope of the project we can scale your budget accordingly. If you’re looking for a short-term engagement, the budget will be reflected as such. If you are looking for a long-term engagement, we can sharpen the project’s fees/rates and gladly pass the savings along to you.