Within the hustle and bustle of New York’s Garment District, there exists a unique agency filled with passion, talent and love for the fashion industry.

It is here where you will find a combination of Old-world ethics with modern innovative business acumen and integrity; a recipe that makes us a leader in the industry. We bring your ideas from concept to cloth, but in our language…
We Get You From Runway To Reality®


Where companies tend to be multilayered with diverse backgrounds, the lack of focus of structure and function can sometimes be a recipe for a spiraling process that never seems to evolve. Focusing on those companies who do not have the capital or the infrastructure to hire a team of industry executives on a full time basis, Fabric To Finish is a source of opportunity for those who need a short-term project completed or a long-term plan to help take their business to the next level.


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As she walks into her office every day, Jamie cannot help but recall with pride her fully loaded family lineage of immigrant garment workers who paved the way for her.

Her maternal great-grandfather, Louis, a successful tailor, was able to afford to bring his immediate family to the United States to escape the Nazi invasion in Russia.  His son, Isadore, an upholsterer, married Anna, a self-made retail merchant and, tragically, the sole member of her immediate family to escape Poland before the Occupation…



I met Jamie at a very fortuitous time in my company history. We were at the delicate crossroads of launching our first ever apparel collection and being an already established designer leather goods brand, we needed the right partner to help bring us to the Women’s Ready To Wear game. Jamie was exactly what we needed to facilitate this in every possible way. She showed us how to properly fabricate a collection, enhance washes and produce on a managed functional schedule. After our initial line launch, we were in need of some support to handle some incredibly tough styles that we needed to produce.
One style in particular that went viral because I wore it on an episode of E’s Fashion Police was a crazy allover studded Ponte pant. It was meant to ship to a very notable luxury retailer and we could not for the life of us figure out how to produce this commercially.
Not only was F2F able to deliver it on time but they also exceeded our expectations in how they got it done on time and at the designated target costs. Working with Jamie and her team at F2F was seamless! They really go above and beyond with what they deliver and can sincerely check off all the boxes of what it really takes to get from Fabric To Finish.


– Rebecca Minkoff
Designer/Owner Rebecca Minkoff