After 17 years, I am beyond proud of the tremendous growth our company has undergone. When raising a child, for many people 18 years old is a bon voyage as they proudly see them off to college. However, in our case, we have marked off this milestone by welcoming a new space through expanding and taking over the office next door. Additionally, in 2022 we reached a milestone of launching the most brands we ever have in one year! By delivering exceptional results to our clients, Fabric To Finish has built a sterling reputation as the go-to solution for emerging designers, and has brought hundreds of products to market.

As an elite team of industry professionals, we possess technical knowledge in designing, sourcing, fabricating, producing, and distributing an incredibly diverse range of products. Our decades of industry experience have allowed us to hone in our craft and stay ahead of the curve while delivering innovative solutions.

Our recent feature in Women’s Wear Daily is a testimony to our unwavering commitment to excellence. We are so thankful for this opportunity to have been featured in this prestigious international fashion publication and to be able to share more about my journey and how it led me to create Fabric To Finish. Click the link here to see the full article.