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I met Jamie at a very fortuitous time in my company history. We were at the delicate crossroads of launching our first ever apparel collection and being an already established designer leather goods brand, we needed the right partner to help bring us to the Women’s Ready To Wear game. Jamie was exactly what we needed to facilitate this in every possible way. She showed us how to properly fabricate a collection, enhance washes and produce on a managed functional schedule. After our initial line launch, we were in need of some support to handle some incredibly tough styles that we needed to produce.
One style in particular that went viral because I wore it on an episode of E’s Fashion Police was a crazy allover studded Ponte pant. It was meant to ship to a very notable luxury retailer and we could not for the life of us figure out how to produce this commercially.
Not only was F2F able to deliver it on time but they also exceeded our expectations in how they got it done on time and at the designated target costs. Working with Jamie and her team at F2F was seamless! They really go above and beyond with what they deliver and can sincerely check off all the boxes of what it really takes to get from Fabric To Finish.

– Rebecca Minkoff
Designer/Owner Rebecca Minkoff

“Indispensable and Impeccable”

Jamie consulted with my brand when she was first starting Fabric To Finish and brought her in-depth understanding of the sampling to production process to the table as an indispensable resource. Her patience and diligence even under the relentless pressures of the fashion calendar as well as impeccable instinct for quality, mindfulness of budgets and can-do attitude are an indispensable resource in the industry, and we continue to enjoy a productive and collaborative relationship over ten years since we first worked together.

– Nathan Jenden
VP Creative and Design, DVF Studio

“Great team of experts!”

When I had the idea of starting an outerwear brand that marries the tailored aspects of traditional outerwear with cutting edge fabrics, insulations and technologies, I knew finding a production partner that would understand and also have the ability to put my ideas into production would be difficult. Luckily I came across Jamie and her team! I have now been working with the F2F team for 2 plus years now and they have truly been instrumental in making our ideas come to life. Starting from the R&D of fabric and trims, all they way through QC and final delivery, Jamie and her team are truly experts that make the normally arduous production process a lot easier. Also with numerous connections with suppliers and factories in the US, Europe and Asia they truly are a one stop solution.

– Steve Cho
Founder, North & Mark

“Outstanding Team, Outstanding Product”

Fabric to Finish is a great company with an Amazing experienced staff and knowledge in the Fashion Apparel Business. They have made the most amazing outerwear, sweaters and jeans for our fashion shows. I have worked with a lot of Apparel companies and they are by far one of the top companies from design to finished product.

– Andy Hilfiger
Founder Artistix


Jamie and her team at Fabric To Finish are the best. They helped take my vision and navigate me into the process of development and manufacturing. Their passion, talent and knowledge in this industry is endless. I had a little idea but zero experience and this team had everything I needed to fully understand the process, the connections and move forward. F2F becomes a second family, they are always there to teach, support and guide you in the best path needed. I never felt uncomfortable with my lack of knowledge in production and when I got sidetracked or something wasn’t coming together they were always right there to assist and move me through those moments with solutions. A perfect group to work with! No job is too big or too small.

– Britt Elizabeth
Owner/Founder Britt E


After spending over ten years working in finance and technology, I decided to take a short break to spend time with my two young children. During my time off, I became focused on an idea that I was passionate about bringing to market. With no background in clothing design or manufacturing, I needed someone to help take my idea from pen and paper to a sellable product. Fabric to Finish has been absolutely instrumental in getting me to a product that I am excited to bring to market in the coming months. From helping find the right manufacturing partner to translating my thoughts into the technical language that a factory requires, Fabric to Finish has been there every step of the way. I am incredibly thankful that I found Fabric to Finish when I did.

– Christie Graham


I was new to the garment manufacturing industry when I found Fabric to Finish on Maker’s Row. I needed a tremendous amount of guidance in order to launch my product. Jamie and her team have been priceless in providing that guidance. Their knowledge and connections are extensive. They helped with fabric choices and colors, patterns and trim to the smallest of details. I’m out of state, so was concerned about working with a company in New York City. F2F couldn’t have been more accommodating. They have been flexible and incredibly understanding about scheduling meetings to accommodate my calendar. Their professionalism is constant. My phone calls, emails and texts are always answered on the same day, usually within an hour or two. I have questioned many decisions in this process, but never my decision to hire Jamie. As I write this, my garment is being manufactured right in Manhattan! I could not have done it without F2F! They are the best!

– Kim Agnor


As we continue to grow and evolve our denim bottoms business, we wanted to be sure to offer the same level of accuracy in other garment categories we are expanding into. We sought out the assistance of Fabric to Finish to develop tech packs and complement the needed attention to detail and superior technical direction. Fabric to Finish was able to hand us completed tech packs that we could send overseas for production development. We were more than satisfied with the opportunity to collaborate with such an esteemed and diligent company and we look forward to continuing to count on Fabric To Finish as we continue to grow our brand.

– Alejandro Chahin

“F2F is FAB!”

When I landed on the Maker’s Row website, I had an idea in my head that wouldn’t go away. Not having any experience in the fashion industry and no idea how to get started, I clicked just about all the options listed on the “what do you need help with” page. Pattern making, sourcing, samples, materials, production. Up popped Fabric to Finish. I made the call and ultimately ended up in a meeting with Jamie Koff. I tend to be a person who goes with her gut, rather than relying on analytics, and the first time I met Jamie, we clicked. That was enough for me to proceed. That was 9 months ago and I honestly cannot imagine being on this journey with anyone else. The team Jamie has put together is incredible. The level of professionalism is high, and yet there is always room for a few laughs and a lot of counseling when my fears get the better of me! Everyone involved with my brand is patient with my learning curve and extremely helpful in teaching me the ropes. Jamie and her crew have extensive experience in the industry, which has garnered them great contacts and relationships. To see the vision become a reality is a dream come true, thanks to F2F.

– Christine Griffin


Jamie and her team provide big brand product development expertise to my new brand. Beyond technical and managerial skills, they take the time to understand my core motivation and what I want to accomplish with my business. Then they help me put out the best product to achieve that. I have the highest level of confidence and trust in Jamie and her team.

– Yanvalou Beach


Jamie and her team are amazing!! They have gone above and beyond to get my company going providing critical advice and valuable feedback! They are very responsive, friendly, flexible and have even advocated on my behalf on many occasions. A pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them especially for a new company!

– Nomadic World Apparel


I’ve been working with the team at Fabric to Finish for the past few months and they’re a great group – professional, fun, connected and can truly help you turn your product idea into a reality. Jamie has extensive knowledge of fabrics, overseas mills, timelines and production and I feel like I can trust her to find me the best partners at the best prices. She has lots of experience helping new designers as well!

– Otherworld Apparel


I have a background in design, but the manufacturing process was new to me. I started working with Fabric to Finish after hitting a wall and being unable to find manufacturers on my own. Jamie and her team helped me to turn my design into a reality and taught me about the process of production. Frances, is absolutely amazing, she was so accommodating and helpful with anything and everything I needed. Their in-house technically designer, Debbie, is also great to work with. Debbie is very knowledgeable and often brought up great points about technical design that I did not think about before speaking with her. Overall Fabric to Finish gave me the push I needed to move into larger scale production.

– Lucy & Leo


I have been working with F2F for almost a year and Jamie and team have truly brought my vision to reality. Jamie is an invaluable resource of knowledge and experience and her hardworking team seamlessly work together to deliver nothing short of impeccable service. I look forward to building a long lasting relationship with F2F as I build my brand.

– Made for 2


I came from the corporate design world and knew that starting my own line would be a very big job. I also knew I couldn’t do it alone and reached out to F2F. Jamie and her team were wonderful, they literally lived up to the words “Fabric to Finish”. Jamie was a great resource for gorgeous fabrics, patterns and samples in the development process, and followed through with great production. Jamie has a background from the corporate world as well, so she fully understands what it takes to get the job done from beginning to end. Working with Jamie and F2F was a pleasure and I couldn’t have done it without them.

– Quinn


Jamie and her team are an absolute pleasure to work with! I have been working with Jamie for a year now, and have learned so much about the manufacturing side of the business. The team is very responsive, patient, and beyond organized! Jamie is super knowledgeable and has a lot of experience in the industry that I lack, so I am able to ask her questions whenever I am unsure about something. They have helped me find a factory overseas that has helped me cut a lot of my costs. They have also sourced various fabrics and helped me with the printing process of our fabric. I always enjoy going to visit them during our fittings because they provide a fun and relaxed environment in what can sometimes be a very stressful industry! I look forward to what the future holds for both of us!



Jamie’s knowledge, experience, organization, and perseverance will help make any brand’s concept into something concrete. She and her team are there every step of the way to oversee the production process and ensure that everything stays on track. They are truly an invaluable resource for the designer seeking assistance with fabrics, patterns and samples, factories, and everything in between.

– M.Bottiglieri


We have worked with Jamie and team for several years. They work hard, are organized and responsive. Fabric to Finish is a full service company providing everything from pattern making to technical design to fabric sourcing to factory placement and everything in between.

– The Shirt


Jamie and the entire Fabric 2 Finish team have been awesome to work with. They have a wide selection of fabric and means to source specifics at my request. Always with the timely email responses and production completion on time. Always a pleasure to find a company that runs efficiently and smoothly.

– Kule


I worked with Fabric to Finish for a year to source a fabric that has lacked in quality and consistency in the past couple of years. They are very knowledgeable with overseas factories and were able to cut costs in both fabric/yard and shipping from overseas. They also arranged to ship the fabric to 3 locations – New York, London, and Australia – and made it very easy to do so. They provided me with all the knowledge that I requested and guided me throughout the process.

– Two Birds Bridesmaid


I have been working with Fabric 2 Finish for over a year and let me tell you, if you’re looking for a professional team of knowledgeable fashion designers led by a well-known industry specialist, Jamie Koff, then look no further because Fabric 2 Finish is who you NEED to help develop your fashion line. I have worked with other companies and never have I experienced the warm feeling I get when I step foot into the F2F studio. Aside from the atmosphere, Jamie and her team has such keen eyes for detail that not only were they educating me on apparel designs, they also helped improve and refine my designs for a crisper and cleaner aesthetic. This is the place to build an official collection. Fabric 2 Finish gets an A+.

– Coco Isle


Met Jamie in 2009 while I was still in school and I knew she was the person I wanted to work with to make my ideas come to life. My company has grown beautifully with her help. This company is an amazing company to work with and I would recommend this company to every and any small business out there. The quality of her work is beyond words!



I have been working with the team at Fabric To Finish for about 8 months now and I feel that I have been working with family members who have known me for ever. Jamie understood my vision from the very beginning and always brings to the table a problem solving attitude that is priceless in this industry. She is also very honest and straight forward so there are no surprises ever, the communication is very transparent and clear which is also a blessing in our business. She surrounded herself with a group of very talented people who really care about your creations and who will do everything they can to present you with the best options.  I just love working with this whole team and I feel lucky Fabric To Finish crossed my path. Together we are building a very unique children’s luxury brand.

– The House In The Clouds


I have been working with Jamie Koff and her team at Fabric to Finish for over a year now, and they have been instrumental in getting me, a complete newbie to the apparel making space, to pre-production stage. Not only do they have fantastic connections, their team is incredibly on top of everything and has been instrumental in shepherding the full process from my initial ideas down to a tech pack and samples. I can’t rave enough about Jamie and her team….if you are a complete newcomer to the apparel manufacturing scene like I was, this is your place to start to make sure your first collection is a success!

– Flore Gimello