I have a great idea for a new brand and need help putting my logo together. Is this something that you can assist with?

We love working on branding and we are set up to help your branding needs with respect to your main logo, hangtag, packaging and/or your overall brand presentation.

How do I know if my branding is legal to use or if it conflicts with another major brands IP?

Obviously no one wants to start a brand and find out, after the fact, that they are in conflict with another brand´s label or logo. Doing one´s due diligence from the get-go is critical, and we will refer you to the right Intellectual Property team to answer all questions and deliberate on behalf of your brand.

I need to build my website and my online marketing strategy. Do you handle this?

Digital media strategy is not our core competency; however, we have an arsenal of expert industry relationships that we can pass on to you so that you have access to build what you need at the level that you require.