Can you help me develop my line without any production orders yet?

Yes, of course! No one goes into developing a new collection with actual confirmed hard orders. That’s what market week is all about! Let’s keep in mind, however, that in developing a line, we will need to have some idea of estimated production quantities so that we are sure to develop within the right supply chain which can accommodate the product from sample through to production.

If I send you my sketches can you help bring my idea to life?

Absolutely, as this is part of the process. We take your designs and bring them from concept to cloth!

I don´t have a particular image of my product. Could you help me develop the concept and put it to paper?

Whether you come armed with already completed rough sketches or not, our technical design team is prepared and ready to help you build the creative vision of your brand.

I have an idea based on an already existing design in the market and I would like to copy it. Is this something you can help me with?

No. This is not something we subscribe to in our ethical industry practices. As mentioned above, we are here to support your creative vision and can be retained to help build original designs. If you are looking for a company to “knock off” other people´s intellectual property, then we´re not the right partner for you.

I just need tech packs, can you help me with this and how much does it cost?

Yes. We can absolutely help you build your tech packs. Costing depends on a variety of factors: number of styles, construction detail, style type. For example, a tech pack for a coat will take more time to create than one for a basic t-shirt.