Do you stock fabric?

No. We are not a fabric stock house. We work with a variety of suppliers who do keep a stock position on various types of fabrics.

I have an old vintage garment sample that is made out of a fabric that I cannot seem to locate. Can you help me source this?

This is actually one of our favorite tasks! Fabric sourcing is the crux of building any garment program, and we are proficient at it. We can help you source all types of fabric from anywhere in the world based on your specific needs.

I have no fabric technical wherewithal whatsoever nor do I know what fabric is trending seasonally. Is this something that you can help me with?

Yes! You can definitely leave the fabric sourcing up to us. Our fabric sourcing capabilities are one of the most notable strengths of our organization. In fact, this is what sets us apart from the rest. Outside of fit approval, fabricating a collection is the next most important step towards building a successful line.

Do you offer silk screen printing?

Our global supply chain can certainly do silk screen printing and many other types of printing technology that you may require (i.e.: rubber printing, plastisol printing, digital printing and any other t-shirt printing techniques available).

What kind of special treatments can you offer as our collection is a far cry from being basic?

We can handle all types of fashion finishing treatments ranging from hand embroidery and machine embroidery, to sequins, pleating, smocking, tucking, picot and fringe finishing. We can source any and all required treatments to suit your aesthetic requirements.

I am sourcing fabric, can you send me your price list?

We are not a fabric store, but we would be happy to put together a sourcing plan for you to help support your vision.