How quickly can you turn this around? What are your lead times?

Lead time is always contingent upon a handful of variables: capacity, product category, style detail (i.e.: is your style heavily embellished with hand work or an easy cut and sew job?), calendar and ultimately quantity. It typically takes about 6 to 12 months to launch a sample collection through to production completion. We take into consideration that start-ups tend to want to see more samples during the first year in business. General production lead times are 45 to 60 days depending on all of the above criteria.

What are your minimums for production?

Most of the U.S.A. and international manufacturers in our portfolio can support smaller minimums. This is something we have spent years developing as a benefit to pass on to our designer customers. On average, U.S.A. requires 25 to 50 pieces per style and overseas requires 200 to 500 pieces per style. Keep in mind that price is directly proportionate to quantity. As quantities increase, costs exponentially decrease.

Do you do mass production?

Yes. In addition to offering small-range production runs to support the new kids on the block, our global supply chain reaches all of the major manufacturing portals and can handle mass-produced quantities at mills and factories that have passed quality control (QC) and industry compliance certifications.

Will I be able to see my production garments before they are released from the factory?

Yes. You will see them twice! Initially, you will see them at pre-production because PPS come in actual fabric and trims. You will then see them a second time at the top of production (TOP) stage when the factory pulls random pieces from production for final buyer approval and overall aesthetic sign-off.

What are your prices for production?

Keep in mind that we are not a factory and we are unable to quote off-the-cuff (pun intended!) without having conducted a proper costing exercise first. Typically, a cost analysis takes place during an engagement with our clients as it is the #1 crucial element in determining how and where we source, place and build your line!