I need patterns and production grading. Can you help?

Yes, we can. One of our many pattern service and production grading partners will be able to solve your specific needs.

I am looking to digitize some patterns for production. Does your company offer these services and, if so, what is the fee?

We can help facilitate getting patterns digitized and the fee is based on the specific project at hand. Generally speaking, it can cost anywhere between $100 to $200+ per pattern, however, prices are subject to change according to the complexity of the style.

If I develop my patterns locally in the U.S., can I still do import production? How does that work?

This is a normal occurrence as many small brands have intricate designs that require draping and muslin development prior to going into first pattern. Working with local pattern makers enables us to fine-tune the styles prior to sending them overseas for counter costing and final production development. Please keep in mind that it will still potentially require seeing a few samples to ensure that the overseas factory can execute your specs and pattern requirements.

I have a really tight budget and will need to develop my own patterns internally to save on cost but would like to hand them over to you for production. Can you tell me more about that and how this works?

Absolutely! Our role is to offer solutions, and if having you take on a more active role on the development side will help solve your budget needs, then we have no problem restructuring how and when we get involved in the process with you. Let’s be mindful that introducing an outside pattern maker to an already established supply chain might require some additional internal support from our team to help massage out whatever kinks exist. That ultimately translates into more oversight and management (i.e. services) from our team.