I need samples made. Can you help me?

Yes! Where are you in the process? Do you have flat sketches & tech packs completed? Patterns? As a gentle reminder, we are not a factory, but part of our services involve building your development collection, and samples are a byproduct of this crucial part of the cycle.

What does a Tech Pack include?

A tech pack is our industry bible and it is followed verbatim in order to provide the pattern and sample maker the tools to build a 3D prototype from your 2D design. It includes a flat sketch, a technical computer-aided design (CAD) drawing, full garment specs, a bill of materials (BOM) page identifying all fabric, trim, thread and finishing, production graded specs and any other design related technical directions in order to enable the suppliers to build properly! A well put together and fully loaded tech pack is the backbone of any well-made sample.

Can you help me with fittings, and how many fittings can I anticipate each season?

Our role is to manage the build process for you, and fittings are a critical part of that cycle. We suggest 2 fittings per style prior to the salesman sample (SMS) stage i.e.: proto and 1st fit. After SMS are completed, we suggest 2 to 3 fittings prior to production on your inaugural collection: SMS, 2nd SMS fit (if necessary), pre-production (PPS), and size run.